Masters of Bespoke
SAMS Bespoke is the sartorial gold standard that spells luxury. We use a 3D scanner machine and virtual mirror experience to give your suit a glove-like fit. It’s a powerful piece of suiting that best reflects you because it was made just to fit you. Going beyond the made-to-measure formula, our line of suiting is fully handmade and pattern cut from scratch. SAMS is designed to serve the MAN in you and your particular needs, be it exclusive fabrics, hidden pockets, horse hair canvassing, real hole functional buttons, monograms.
Find your fit with technology
With SAMS, you are always dressed for success! We want you to dress like the entrepreneur everybody wants to invest in. While ultimately there are only two reasons to buy bespoke: for the fit and for the quality. Our foremost mission is to make tailor-made customized clothing a mark of necessity, and not just a luxury. We want to empower our patrons into taking part in something that is greater than just the suit - we want to make better fit more accessible and affordable.
Augmented Reality Customization
3D Scan Digital Measurements
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Unmatched experience
At your first visit to SAM’S you will experience the first 3D scanner along with the virtual mirror in Geneva. We aim to give you back the decision making process with just a few clicks. You can enjoy the experience of personalising the suit to fit any role in your life. The Technology armed with 2 million body data points captured in under 8 seconds and 240 standard measurements calculated in under 1 minute 30 seconds, we believe in making tailor-made suits that defines you.
Get ready to witness a new-age revolution that democratizes bespoke tailoring, all within a few clicks.
An online suit ordering system, where the customer is at the heart of every order. Our bespoke tailors even suggest the suit patterns and offer many options to personalize each part of your suit to your convenience. Once your delivery is ready, someone from the shop will be happy to hand-deliver it to your doorstep.
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Come join our gentlemen vibe where our ultimate aim is to create the perfect bespoke costume for you.